About Me


profileBorn and raised in Marin County north of San Francisco, I began to draw as a freshman at Novato high school. During English class I would sketch trees and eyeballs. Which lead me to a beginning art class as an elective. During that first summer I was invited by a student as a guest to attend an undraped life drawing class at Marin College California. That class forced me to step out of the 15 year old high school mentality to a college maturity level of thinking about drawing. After that my high school classes never felt the same. While friends would use the art class to socialize, I would be in a corner working on a project.
Frustrated with the materials in school I would solicit odd jobs from the neighbors to start buying my own paints and canvases instead of using the inexpensive acrylic paints and poster boards used in class.

This lead to my personal art trips in which I would hitch-hike to San Francisco’s De Young  museum to view a Vincent Van Gough exhibit. By the same method of travel I would frequent art galleries along Fisherman’s wharf, Mill Valley, Sausalito, and Ross Art and Garden Center among others. I would go to see paintings to help inspire me with my own ideas to start a painting. During these trips I would do drawings and watercolor sketches along the way.

When I was around 16 years old I did my first plein air painting which began my love for painting out of doors. It was on a family campout in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While the family was fishing and swimming I found a place among the pine trees by a lake in wonderful solitude and painted the landscape. On occasion my mother who also liked to paint, let me skip school, and together we’d drive somewhere into the country and work on our craft.

When marriage and family responsibilities came along I put the paints on the shelf for a long time. Then in 2015 I had back surgery and was limited in what I could do but I could paint! So I pulled my box off the shelf and begin painting again! I had a little struggle getting started but I have never regretted focusing on the family.  Now in Saint George, Utah I am again engaged and learning under McGarren Flack, Morgan Clements, Del Parson. and Glen Blakley.